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WIRS accreditation for your self-lay organisation and WIRSAE provider.

Find out about WIRS accreditation for your self-lay organisation and WIRSAE provider.

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As part of an ongoing process to introduce competition in to the water services market, we operate the Water Industry Registration Scheme (WIRS) on behalf of water utility companies.

The Water Industry Registration Scheme - Accredited Entity (WIRSAE) has been developed to allow companies, who fulfil the scheme requirements, to become registered as accredited WIRSAE Providers. WIRSAE Providers are referred to as Accredited Entities in the Wholesale Retail Code.

WIRS Scopes of Registration WIRSAE Scopes of Registration
  • Design

  • Project management

  • Construction of Mains and/or Services

  • Construction of Routine Mains Connections (Please note for this scope construction of Mains and Services must be held)

  • Service Connections only

  • Construction of Routine or Non Routine Mains Connections (only applies in Scotland as stand-alone where construction accreditation is not separately)

  • Meter Assets Maintenance (only applies to Scotland)

  • Permanent Disconnections Non-Household (only applies to Scotland)

  • CRUPC – Construction Routine Under Pressure Connections

Temporary disconnections/reconnections

  • Temporary disconnections (up to 40mm supply)

  • Temporary disconnections (over 40mm supply)

Meter installation

  • Meter installation (up to 40mm)

  • Meter installation (over 40mm)

  • Meter Installation / replacement (all sizes inc. pipework configuration / chamber construction)

Permanent disconnections

  • Permanent disconnections (up to 40mm supply)
  • Permanent disconnections (over 40mm supply)

Benefits of WIRS and WIRSAE accreditation

Accreditation under the scheme will provide the service provider with the following benefits:

  • accreditation recognised by all water utilities and Water UK (WIRS)

  • accreditation recognised by wholesalers who allow work undertaken by Accredited Entities (WIRSAE)

  • independent assessment and registration process

  • assignment of an accreditation mark which will represent the achievement of a high technical, quality and safety standard.

Wholesalers who recognise AE
Bristol Water Plc
Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water
Thames Water Utilities Ltd
Anglian Water Services
Affinity Water Ltd
Wessex Water
Severn Trent Water
Southern Water
SES Water
Yorkshire Water
Northumbrian Water
United Utilities
South Staffs Water
South East Water
Portsmouth Water