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Established in 2000 by members of the trout farming industry, Quality Trout UK aims to develop and maintain farming standards throughout the UK. It was initially set up to provide retailers and consumers with information on traceability, quality and food hygiene. Since its inception, it has grown to cover every stage of trout production and is recognised as a leading certification body in the UK and Europe.

Accreditation standards continue to be regularly evaluated, responding to consumer and retailer interests and environmental understanding. It includes a particular focus on sustainable farming and humane harvesting.

What are the benefits?

Comprehensive assurance

Upon successful completion of the Quality Trout UK assurance, members will be certified in the highest trout processing standards. This includes thorough evaluation, from hatcheries and feed to harvesting. Once the audit is complete, LRQA will issue a Certificate of Conformity.

Wider market access

Demonstrating dedication to food standards and a differentiation to competitors, members benefit from wider market access.

Traceability & quality

In addition to proving products are of the highest quality, accreditation provides a clear marker that all produce is traceable to certified facilities. This responds to a key consumer interest in trout provenance.

Why choose us?

Experience & expertise

Quality Trout UK is a dynamic scheme, reacting to consumer, trade and legislative demands. Our aquaculture team are experts within the industry, offering a streamlined method of assessing current compliance and comprehensive feedback on improvement areas.

Year-round technical support

Members of Quality Trout UK benefit from year-round technical guidance from our aquaculture team, ensuring that your business remains accredited and operates towards the highest possible standards.