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Charity notes positive trends towards limiting food waste.

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The Waste & Resources Action Programme (WRAP) reports “significant progress” in work to reduce food waste by British brands and retailers.

A recent survey by WRAP found that a quarter of all pre-packed unprepared fresh produce now carried no date label, while the available shelf life of other products had increased. However, the charity did note that there were still areas for improvement, highlighting many products still carry consumption advice judged to be inaccurate. And, while the availability of smaller pack sizes for certain items is seen as a positive step in reducing food waste, WRAP believes these products are often too expensive per kilogram compared to larger packs, deterring consumers.

How food and drinks items are packaged, labelled and priced impacts household food waste. Brands and retailers are uniquely placed to make changes in these areas which can positively influence the behaviour of consumers and help minimise waste.

Read the full survey here.