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Roadmap to GDPR compliance - Fact not fiction

Roadmap to GDPR compliance - Fact not fiction. Learn more!

In just over two months, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force – protecting individuals in the European Union (EU) and making organisations who handle their personal data more accountable. 

The first three months of this year saw more than 200 delegates sign-up to attend one of three GDPR seminars hosted by LRQA. With a specific focus on data, technology and cybersecurity, LRQA unravelled the GDPR facts from fiction, shared best practice and provided organisations with a roadmap to GDPR compliance by the May 25th, 2018 deadline. 

LRQA's management systems cyber expert, Maggie Slevin commented, “We wanted to demonstrate to organisations that GDPR compliance doesn’t need to be scary. If organisations, their employees, supply chains and partners all understand the steps they need to take, then compliance should be simple. 

“It is a common misconception that GDPR legislation is just about marketing data. It’s not; it concerns every type of personal data your company processes. This means all the data you hold, why you have it, how it’s used and how long you plan on keeping it. 

“Our seminars provided delegates with guidance on how to protect their systems and users, understand and classify their data and threat landscape, implement GDPR controls and data audits and demonstrate accountability to the legislation.” concluded Maggie. 

LRQA provides a range of GDPR training, assurance and assessment services that can help your organisation understand your role and responsibilities and demonstrate accountability under the Regulation.