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BOPAS+ assurance scheme supports innovation in MMC

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BOPAS+ has been launched to recognise BOPAS accredited organisations who demonstrate a commitment to the digital transformation challenge facing the construction sector.

The Buildoffsite Property Assurance Scheme (BOPAS) was originally created to give assurance to lenders that homes built using non-traditional methods will be durable and deliver the quality required for homeowners to get a mortgage on that property.

BOPAS+ has been developed to put the focus on the preparedness of Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) providers to positively address the digitisation challenge presented by the net zero initiative, the golden thread, and forthcoming regulation changes. It has been through a rigorous validation process involving three BOPAS accredited organisations, which have developed a clear line of site between their strategic objectives, operating plans and schedules, and their digital goals.

The scheme was launched at a recent event hosted at the Kenilworth site of ModPods International – a leading innovator in designing and building modular housing systems for the public and private sector. During the event, the first BOPAS+ certificates were presented to ModPods International, ESS Modular – an industry leader in MMC in the UK and Ireland, Donaldson Timber Systems – the UK’s leading offsite timber systems manufacturer.

MPOD BOPAS CertificateAndy Cornaby, MD, ModPods International 

ESS Modular BOPAS Certificate

Kate Midgley, Compliance Manager and Richard Fox,
Technical Director, ESS Modular 

Donald Timber BOPAS Certificate

John Smith, Technical Director , Donaldson Timber Systems 

Commenting on the launch of the revised scheme, Karl Miller, Inspection Services Service Delivery Manager at LRQA said,

“At LRQA, we support our clients to mitigate the changing risk landscape. BOPAS+ is the natural evolution for the scheme and will help MMC providers to show progress on their digital transformation roadmap and deliver effectively on the housing challenge we face.”

LRQA and BLP accredit offsite designers, manufacturers, and constructors to give the highest level of quality assurance to lenders and other stakeholders. The BOPAS assessment evaluates competency, configuration management, procurement arrangements and process control, across the business and on a project specific basis. The scheme helps MMC providers to increase effectiveness, mitigate risks and show stakeholders that they meet best practice.

To find out more about how LRQA can support you to achieve BOPAS+ certification, please contact the team, and our Construction Sector Specialist, Elaine Ramsay, will be happy to assist.