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Make sure you're meeting India's requirements.

If you're exporting to India, you need to know about the Indian Boiler Regulations (1950). LRQA has the expertise to make sure you're compliant.

Indian Boiler Regulations

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The Indian Boiler Regulations (IBR) cover material and equipment used to make steam boilers in India. Domestic and overseas manufacturers and suppliers of most steam boilers and associated components built for India must comply.

The IBR was created in 1950 to enforce section 28 and 29 of the Indian Boilers Act of 1923. It covers the following areas:

  • Boilers – including feed piping from the discharge side of the feed pump and steam piping up to and including the stop valve of the steam consumer and attached fittings or vessels
  • Steam receivers, separators, steam traps, accumulators and similar vessels
  • Heat exchangers, converters, evaporators and similar vessels in which steam is generated

The Indian government strictly enforces the IBR. It is not possible for any boiler material or equipment to be imported into India unless it is accompanied by a certificate that confirms it meets the IBR standards and criteria.

This certificate must be endorsed by an inspecting authority designated by the Indian government.

Need help with IBR?

If you need compliance for your equipment to the IBR, we can help. We are the leading international "one stop shop" for IBR services.

LRQA is recognised by the Central Boilers Board in India as a “competent authority” and “inspecting authority” for IBR in India and around the world.  That means we are able to provide IBR inspectors with the correct experience to help manufacturers meet the IBR criteria for:

  • Design appraisal
  • Sourcing material
  • Manufacturing component parts
  • Site erection
  • Commissioning and periodic in-service inspections

Our  Competent Persons can carry out all five stages of the IBR inspection process. Learn more about them here. 

Why work with us?

Accreditation and Experience

LRQA has been involved in inspecting equipment to the Indian Boiler Regulations since the government opened the market to third-party inspection agencies. LRQA was the first business allowed to certify equipment to the IBR outside of India.

Technical expertise

LRQA's technical experts can provide first-hand insights into the requirements of the IBR and the logic behind them. Our surveyors are chosen for their sector-specific knowledge and expertise, which means you can be confident that they'll understand the manufacturing challenges you face.


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