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BRCGS plant-based certification

Providing consumer confidence in the production of plant-based foods.

BRCGS Plant-Based certification ensures your plant-based production methods are safe and authentic, avoiding contamination of animal by-products.



Developed in response to a rapidly growing demand for plant-based products, the BRCGS Plant-Based Global Standard is designed to protect your brand and reputation and provide your customers with buying confidence. Based on a comprehensive management system approach, the standard framework assists you in the production of all plant-based food, and gives you access to the plant-based trademark that will differentiate your organisation from your competitors.

At LRQA, we are the first certification body approved to audit against this new standard, which is globally recognised, and complements and combines audits with all existing GFSI-benchmarked standards.

What we offer

Our approach and key deliverables

What are the benefits?

Consumer confidence and trust in your brand

The BRCGS Plant-Based certification will help you protect your brand and give your customers and your supply chain confidence in your product. In addition, being certified and having the globally recognised on-pack trademark, will demonstrate your commitment to ethical food production and build trust in your organisation.

Competitive advantage

Certification against this Standard can set you apart from uncertified competitors and increase the profile of your plant-based products in a growing consumer market.

Supply chain access

The BRCGS Plant-Based Global Standard can give you access to new markets and increase your business opportunities.

Need help with BRCGS Plant-based Global Standard?

We are the first certified body approved to audit against BRCGS Plant-Based certification and have long been one of the primary providers of audits for other standards from BRCGS. As with all our food safety services, we offer you a tailored package that suits your specific business needs including everything from additional modules to training and gap analysis of your site.

Contact us for more information on becoming BRCGS Plant-Based certified.

Why choose LRQA?

Customised approach

Our BRCGS accredited certification and assessment services are tailored to suits your specific business needs with BRCGS Plant-Based certification. Our ability to combine audits and offer a full range of services enables you to save time and cut costs.

Technical expertise

We match expert BRCGS assessors with deep industry knowledge to your business; enabling a robust audit of your system. Assessors are specialists not only in understanding the potential in cutting-edge ideas but in applying this knowledge pragmatically in ways which guarantee impact today and in the long-term.

Want to find out more about the BRCGS Plant-Based Standard?

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