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BRC Global Standards

Achieve globally recognised BRCGS certification.

A framework to manage food product safety, integrity, legality and quality.

BRCGS Certification Services


BRCGS is a global consumer protection organisation with a clear mission to improve brand confidence for organisations through rigorous supply chain assurance. GFSI market leaders, BRCGS certification is now often a fundamental requirement for leading retailers, manufacturers and food service organisations.

Having BRCGS certification not only proves your level of competence in HACCP, Quality Management Systems, Factory Environmental Standards, Product Control, Process Control and Personnel, it also demonstrates your commitment to food safety, your investment in continuous improvement – and sets you apart from your competitors.

View all BRC Global Standards below or contact us for more information on how BRCGS certification can help you.

All BRCGS certification

  • BRCGS - Biscuit production

    BRCGS Food Safety

    Learn how to verify food safety within your supply chain.

  • BRCGS Packaging Materials

    BRCGS Packaging Materials

    Providing a robust framework for all types of packaging manufacturers.

  • BRCGS Consumer Products

    BRCGS Consumer Products

    Produce safe and legal products of consistent quality.

  • BRCGS Agents and Brokers

    BRCGS Agents and Brokers

    Maintain an effective supply within food and food packaging industries.

  • BRCGS Plant-based

    BRCGS Plant-based

    Providing consumer confidence in the production of plant-based foods.

  • BRCGS Storage and Distribution

    BRCGS Storage and Distribution

    Drive continuous improvement of your products.

  • farm quality

    BRCGS Ethical Trade and Responsible Sourcing

Remote audit: know your options

For specific standards, BRCGS allows audits to be completed remotely, giving you more flexibility and the opportunity to continue your compliance schedule even when on-site visits aren’t possible. Whether it’s an on or off-site audit, you can still expect to see the same value and outcomes, delivered with the same excellent technical knowledge from our LRQA experts.

There are some circumstances where remote auditing is not applicable. Please check each individual standard above for more information.

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