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Presenting an audited and certified carbon footprint to our partner IWCA

Château Troplong Mondot: LRQA audit committed to the environmental cause with IWCA organization.

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Wine estate presentation

Château Troplong Mondot, Premier Grand Cru Classé de Saint-Emilion is located on a hill overlooking the vineyard. Its geographical exposure gives it a very complex advantage, which is reflected in the style of the wines.
Troplong Mondot benefits from a great biodiversity on its property which all value. The estate has chosen to be a player in the respect of the environment for several decades, by taking initiatives around 3 main focus areas: the respect and development of biodiversity, waste management and the reduction of its carbon footprint.

Client challenge: Third party verification

Our challenge was to collect a large amount of data and to be able to analyze it efficiently and methodically in order to calculate our carbon footprint.
With our tool and data being scrutinized by a third-party expert on the subject, this exercise required us to increase our skills in the management of our data as well as our expertise in the Bilan Carbone tool.

What did you think of LRQA's services?

- The LRQA service was expert and rigorous.
- A large number of areas for improvement were identified as a result of this service.
- Our Carbon Footprint tool and expertise in the field were both taken to a higher level.

Client benefits

- Assurance of having an accurate and relevant Carbon Footprint tool
- Increased skills in carbon footprint calculation methodology
- Carbon footprint 2022 verified and validated by an expert, allowing us to have a solid base to work from.

The final result

Our GHG Quality Management procedure was audited and validated by the LRQA expert. Our Carbon Footprint tool and the resulting calculation are therefore certified as compliant with the reference standard.
Thanks to this audited balance sheet, we have obtained Silver Member certification from the IWCA (International Wineries for Climate Action).

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