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Aerospace and Defence

In the highly regulated aerospace and defence sectors, assurance demonstrates a unilateral commitment to quality across global supply chains

Taking quality to new heights

Independent assurance helps us rely on the aerospace and defence industries to keep us safe

With certification systems in place, we know that when we take an aeroplane ride or an astronaut sets off for the space station, they do so safe in the knowledge that they are in a machine that is built to the highest specifications and standards in the world. Without quality assurance to regulate the industry, any company could create aeroplanes, build spaceships or manufacture for the defence sector and launch to market whether they were built using best practices or not.

At LRQA, we work in partnership with our customers to deliver the exact service they require. Whether you have multiple sites or require combined audits, we'll do our best to help you in a practical, cost-effective way.

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