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Brexit impact in relation to EU Recognised Organisation status

General updates

In the marine sector, we are a EU Recognised Organisation (RO) and were required to be sponsored by a EU member State (for the purposes of ensuring compliance with Regulation (EC) No 391/2009, Article 8, previously gained this sponsorship through the United Kingdom.

The amendments to the Regulation 391/2009 to remove the need for a sponsoring State entered into force on 28 March 2019.

With this amendment LRQA automatically continues to enjoy its recognition under any Brexit scenario.

Frequently asked questions:

Will LRQA continue to provide Recognised Organisation (RO) services for EU Flagged ships after Brexit?

Yes, with the amendment simplifying the process and Danish Maritime Authority’s readiness to take on the sponsorship we will remain an EU RO after Brexit. 

Will Brexit affect surveys and certification of my ships?

No, surveys and certificates for EU27 member States flagged ships, conducted and issued by us on behalf of the flag, will remain wholly unaffected. Additional surveys will not be necessary, nor will there be a need to reissue of any statutory Certificate.

Similarly, our authorisation as a UK RO will be unaffected.

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