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Managing risk and opportunity in a rapidly changing world

Addressing five key challenges

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The era of Assurance 4.0 is here

All businesses face a rapidly changing world, with a heightened focus on three emerging global trends - ESG considerations, supply chain complexity and evolving cybersecurity threats. These powerful new trends combined with traditional risks create an increasingly complex landscape for your organisation. 






To solve your biggest business challenges, from compliance to performance, you must address your key challenges proactively and holistically. Those challenges fall into five areas:


Assure assets and management systems

Risk management is underpinned by compliance and requirements are rapidly shifting. Organisations need to continually understand and address existing and emerging standards and regulations, and act to comply with them. Our experts partner with you on every aspect of the supply chain, from procurement to product. We assess and certify against internationally recognised ISO standards, and industry-specific standards and schemes.  

Compliance remains vital for companies seeking to build competitive advantage and access to their chosen markets, through demonstration of compliance with legislation and global industry best practice. Businesses that assure their assets and management systems effectively will be able to:

  • Maintain a more responsible and transparent supply chain
  • Demonstrate industry-specific compliance to key stakeholders
  • Demonstrate high-quality product, system and process standards
  • Be fully compliant with industry regulations and legislation

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Achieve product integrity


There is increasing demand for safe, authentic, high-quality products, components and services. Companies must understand it is their responsibility to manage the risk from the origin of their materials to the product sale. Your business is only as strong as the weakest point in your operations and supply chain, so we build solutions that ensure product integrity across this chain. Our industry experts can pinpoint product risk, advise on operational best practices and help safeguard your brand from harm. 

Failure to ensure optimal product integrity can lead to recalls, fines, loss of orders and irreversible reputational harm. Businesses that address their product integrity effectively will be able to:

  • Identify and manage quality and safety risks across their own sites and supply chains
  • Maintain high quality, sustainable sourcing standards throughout supply chains
  • Make informed decisions across their supply chain operations


Source responsibly


Supply chain legislation is evolving and more governments are requiring deeper accountability and transparency on ESG, including the mitigation of human rights violations and carbon emissions reductions. LRQA combines on-the-ground expertise with a suite of globally recognised standards and consulting capabilities to deliver client-focused responsible sourcing solutions.
To retain stakeholder trust and keep people safe, organisations must work to ensure they have the processes, programmes and strategy in place to identify and reduce the likelihood of occurrences in their operations and value chains. Businesses that build an effective responsible sourcing programme will be able to:

  • Maintain ethical integrity across their supply chain
  • Minimise negative impacts on people and the environment across their supply chain
  • Enhance team performance and understanding of responsible sourcing challenges


Strengthen cybersecurity maturity

Cyber threats continue to evolve in frequency and sophistication. Ransomware, malware, and third-party attacks are ever-present risks to businesses. Our cybersecurity specialists deliver innovative solutions and continuous assurance to navigate this complex and ever-evolving threat landscape. From certifying systems and identifying vulnerabilities, to helping prevent attacks and incidents that could impact brand integrity, finances and operations.

Organisations are realising they need to strengthen their cybersecurity posture and respond continuously to the dynamic threat landscape. Businesses that enhance their cybersecurity strategy will be able to:

  • Identify cybersecurity weaknesses
  • Detect and respond to cyber threats
  • Meet obligations around governance, risk & compliance
  • Minimise the impact of cyber attacks