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The Responsible Fishing Vessel Scheme (RFVS) is a voluntary, vessel-based program certifying high standards of operational practices relating to crew safety and welfare on board fishing vessels. The RFVS demonstrates fishing vessel owners and operators follow industry-agreed best practice through independent, third-party auditing.

Benefits of RFVS

Gain competitive advantage

Provided by Global Seafood Assurances (GSA), the standard is globally recognised. All suppliers and retailers involved in the seafood industry are recommended to look for the RFVS certification from fleets or primary processors. Successful RFVS certification can build trust in your business and support access to new markets.

Independent verification

Completing the RFVS program can demonstrate that the fish purchased has been responsibly sourced and independently verified concerning social issues, including crews who are appropriately trained, meet the minimum age requirements for work and are fit to carry out their role.

Demonstrate commitments to market-leading sustainability approaches

Demonstrate to your customers that your organisation is committed to best practice for sustainable production and the well-being of fishing vessel workers.


Need help with RFVS?

In addition to working as the sole provider during the piloting stage, LRQA has used its extensive experience in the seafood industry to ensure the standard meets the assurance requirements.

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Why work with LRQA?

Technical expertise

LRQA has been working with businesses in the aquaculture and commercial fishing sector for over 25 years, providing audits against a wide range of standards and covering everything from provenance and food safety to sustainability. As the first certification body to work with the new RFVS standards, we are ideally placed to deliver audits and certification to fishing fleet owners globally.


LRQA maintains independence and impartiality by proactively managing conflicts of interest across business units, including those that exist between consultancy and third-party certification services. As such, we do not offer consultancy for any management system in the process of, or after completing, third-party certification with LR.

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