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ENGIE quality recognition for additive manufacturing powder lab and facility

ENGIE has received recognised approval for its additive manufacturing (AM) facility and powder laboratory by global independent assessment business, LRQA.

The success was achieved through ENGIE Laborelec, ENGIE’s research and expertise centre for electrical power technologies, and ENGIE Fabricom, ENGIE’s entity specializing in the design, implementation and maintenance of multi-technical installations and services.

ENGIE Laborelec is one of the first powder labs in the world to achieve qualification for an additive- manufactured alloy, following an audit and assessment of the laboratory’s equipment, personnel, processes and procedures by LRQA surveyor, Milena Matijasevic-Clarke. The facility qualification was for ENGIE Fabricom’s Zwijndrecht mechanical workshop in Belgium. This recognition for ENGIE is a major step towards the validation and certification of high-end components.

The combination of expertise offered by ENGIE Laborelec and ENGIE Fabricom guarantees process stability and repeatability of their first alloy (selective laser melted SLM316L stainless steel), from powder feedstock to AM production, under mechanical requirements, was what impressed LRQA's surveyor:

“ENGIE Laborelec and ENGIE Fabricom were well prepared for the audit with an extremely professional and pragmatic team, which had expert knowledge of the powder bed fusion process,” said Ms. Matijasevic-Clarke. “It’s a great result and well deserved, putting the business a significant step ahead when it comes to achieving component qualifications in the future.”

“With robust controls in place, laboratories can reduce variabilities to ensure quality results consistently while proven processes and procedures mean that anyone else coming to work in the facility has clear training and instructions to work to, which is invaluable for any organisation.”

Coralie Goffin, Director Centralized Generation Department at ENGIE Laborelec commented: “AM is a technology that’s here to stay, with applications across many sectors including power – a key industry for us. This facility qualification demonstrates our expertise in the multiple facets of the SLM technology and our commitment to quality excellence.”

Pieter Hertogs, Section Manager Maintenance, Services & Products at ENGIE Fabricom Zwijndrecht added: “With LRQA as a partner helping drive high quality AM work, we are confident that AM will soon be an integral part of the ENGIE group’s high end service offerings aimed at other group companies, and our many industrial customers, to help prepare them for the future and add value to their business processes and operations.”

LRQA and ENGIE Laborelec have been working together for three years as part of a joint industry project led by LRQA and The Welding Institute. The two organisations are now working towards parts certification for new materials.

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