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Cosmetics Shelves

Safe manufacture of cosmetics.

ISO 22716 is a set of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Guidelines for the cosmetics industry. Certification to ISO 22716 allows organisations to demonstrate their commitment to safeguarding quality and safety.


ISO 22716 certification from LRQA aims to enhance the safety of consumer cosmetic products through the tight definition of GMP across all elements of the supply chain.

It ensures compliance to all the recommend Cosmetics GMP Guidelines in the production, control, storage and shipment of cosmetic products.

Benefits of ISO 22716

Controls hazards and risks

ISO 22716 certification makes sure you implement the GMP guidelines to control hazards and risks associated with cosmetic products. This ensures the continuous improvement throughout the supply chain, securing consumer wellbeing.

Supply chain management

As an internationally recognised standard, ISO 22716 certification enables your organisation to manage quality and safety compliance in your cosmetic products supply chain.

Regulatory and legal compliance

Written by cosmetic industry professionals, ISO 22716 certification supports your organisation's efforts to maintain current and anticipated future compliance with applicable statutory, legal and regulatory requirements.

Implementation and integration

Organisations of all sizes and complexity can implement ISO 22716 and it also integrates well with other standards, such as ISO 9001 and BRCGS Consumer Products.

Need help with ISO 22716?

With more than 30 years’ experience in certificating organisations within the manufacturing industry, we are ideally placed to help with your ISO 22716 certification.

LRQA has built a portfolio of ISO 22716 assessment services that specialise in ISO 22716 training, ISO 22716 gap analysis and ISO 22716 assessment and certification.

Why work with us?


We are a market leader in the provision of cosmetics, packaging, consumer goods, safety, quality, pharmaceutical and household brand assessment, certification and training services.

Some of the world’s best-known organisations choose LRQA, reassuring you that we have the capabilities and expertise to carry out your assessment.

Technical expertise

LRQA is a global organisation and we have conducted assessments to quality, cosmetics, GMP, packaging, medical and pharmaceutical standards in over 120 countries.

Our assessors are industry specialists who are experts in consumer goods, cosmetics, supply chain, GMP and quality assurance. They are matched to the needs of your business, enabling an effective and robust assessment against the guidelines in ISO 22716.

Your business helps LRQA to help others

The profits we generate fund the LRQA Foundation, a charity that supports engineering-related research, education and public engagement around everything we do. All of this helps us stand by the purpose that drives us every single day: working together for a safer world.

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