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IRIS certification for the Rail Industry

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Quality assurance sits at the heart of safe and reliable rail operations. Based on the internationally recognised ISO 22163 standard, IRIS (International Railway Industry Standard) IRIS Certification™ includes specific requirements for the rail industry to help operators improve the quality and reliability of their rolling stock, comply with railway-specific regulations, and meet the demands of suppliers. IRIS Certification™ provides operators with the confidence that they’re meeting the robust criteria set out in ISO 9001 while factoring in the rail-specific elements of ISO 22163.

Our IRIS Certification™ services

LRQA specialises in management system compliance and is a leading supplier of IRIS Certification™ services to organisations within the rail industry.

image94kd3.pngGap analysis

Gap analysis assesses your existing QMS against IRIS to test whether you’re ready for certification and helps you to identify critical, high-risk, or vulnerable areas of your management system.


LRQA specialises in IRIS management systems compliance, which is underpinned with expert advice that’s designed to meet the needs of rail industry operators.

intgerated services icon.png
Integrated audit

Organisations that implement other management systems and standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 27001, and ISO 45001 may benefit from a single, coordinated assessment with reduced costs.

Why work with us?

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Global capability

LRQA’s experts include rail engineers, ex-service personnel, and industry specialists who have been approved by the rail industry and registered through UNIFE.

flexible delivery.png
Flexible delivery

IRIS Certification™ services can be delivered on-site, remotely, or through a blended approach that utilises the best of both on-site and remote delivery mythologies.

beyond compliance.pngHistory of firsts

We were one of the first certification bodies to be accredited to deliver IRIS Certification™ and have a roster of high-profile rail clients to show for it. Furthermore, LRQA is a leader in the rail industry and was the first assurance company to receive UKAS accreditation, enabling us to deliver certification services globally.

Are you already certified to IRIS and would like to transfer?

If you hold a valid accredited certificate of approval with another provider and you are considering moving, transferring your IRIS certification to LRQA is simple. We'll work with you to ensure your transfer is as smooth as possible.