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ISO/PAS 45005

ISO/PAS 45005 guidelines for safe working during the pandemic.

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The COVID-19 pandemic has completely transformed the world of work. Organisations have had to instantly shift to widespread remote working - requiring them to quickly adapt to face the challenges introduced by a more distributed workforce.

With the health and well-being of employees a priority for all organisations, the publication of ISO/PAS 45005:2020 is a crucial step that highlights best practice regarding safe working during the pandemic.


What is ISO/PAS 45005?

ISO/PAS 45005 provides general guidelines for safe working during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is relevant to organisations of all sectors and sizes and advises organisations on how to manage the risks arising from the pandemic to help protect employees.  It can be used on a standalone basis or integrated within the framework of an organisation’s occupational health and safety management system, where it will serve as guidance to ISO 45001.   As well as considering those working in a fixed location, such as their organisation’s premises, or working from home, ISO/PAS 45005 also considers other work scenarios, including employees who work in multiple workplaces, those who work in other people’s homes, and those who need to undertake work related travel.

ISO/PAS 45005 provides recommendations on topics such as;

  • adjustments to operations in the organisation’s premises
  • provisions for home working, mobile working, working in other premises and work settings
  • adjustments to activities and roles
  • managing suspected or confirmed COVID-19 cases in the workplace, at home or in mobile work settings
  • planning for changes to restrictions
  • supporting the psychological health and well-being of employees
  • monitoring, evaluation and improvement


How can organisations benefit from ISO/PAS 45005? 

Implementing ISO/PAS 45005 can help organisations take effective measures to protect their employees and other stakeholders from the risks related to COVID-19. It also provides the means for organisations to:

  • demonstrate that they are addressing risks related to COVID-19 using a systematic approach;
  • put in place a framework to enable effective and timely adaptation to the changing situation.

The pandemic has prompted many organisations to recognise the improvements needed to better protect their employees and their business operations. As such, supporting employee’s mental health and well-being has become a key issue. ISO 45001 provides a strong framework to help organisations review the effectiveness of their occupational health & safety management and prioritise improvements, with ISO/FDIS 45003 and ISO/PAS 45005 providing detailed supporting guidance.

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