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End to end solutions for safe and sustainable aquaculture

Why choose LRQA for your seafood assurance services?

Consumer demand for sustainable fisheries and fish farming is rising. Alongside globalisation and the ‘blue revolution’, it’s clear that the complexity and potential
challenges involved in the seafood industry are also increasing.
LRQA has been working with businesses throughout the aquaculture
supply chain for more than 20 years, helping them cut through the complexity and
manage the challenges more effectively.
Combining the in-depth knowledge and technical expertise of our marine, offshore
and food specialist teams, we can provide end-to-end solutions from fish farm concept, construction and operation through to fishery management, food processing, restaurants and hospitality.

Our credentials

Our customer-friendly, scalable technology has been built by people who understand
your industry; providing you with data analytics which enable you to quickly identify issues and solve problems. Robust assurance verification means you can visibly
demonstrate that your business meets the safety, quality and social compliance
requirements of both manufacturers and the public.