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Meet aquaculture industry requirements with GSA BAP

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In 2021, the Global Aquaculture Alliance (GAA) annouced that that it has officially changed its name to Global Seafood Alliance (GSA).

From inception, the Global Seafood Alliance (GSA) worked with stakeholders to bring the ethos of responsible aquaculture development to as many producers as possible. To achieve this, they created the comprehensive Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) certification standard.

Designed by specialist technical committees with input from a broad range of stakeholders, BAP aims to promote the best possible practice for aquaculture farms. As one of the most comprehensive audits in the sector, major retailers increasingly look for BAP certification from providers, and the standard now covers a wide range of farmed species including sea bass, sea bream, trout, turbot, crab and freshwater prawns. BAP also covers areas such as chemical management, conservation of biodiversity and employee relations.

LRQA is one of a select number of service providers delivering GSA BAP audits for feed mills, hatcheries and farms.

Benefits of GSA BAP Certification

Meet retailer requirements

GSA BAP assessment helps producers satisfy increasingly stringent retailer demands.

Guaranteed quality

Reassure buyers and consumers of your product quality through a more traceable supply chain.

Competitive edge

Differentiate yourself from those competitors without an industry-recognised standard.

Need help with GSA BAP?

LRQA specialises in GSA BAP audits with experience assessing a wide range of clients across the globe. With the industry’s most experienced audit team at our disposal, LRQA has an unmatched track record delivering audits in a streamlined, robust and pragmatic way, no matter your size, location, specialism or requirements.

Why work with us?

Technical expertise

Every year, we conduct over 35,000 audits and inspections in addition to delivering a range of tailored services to seafood producers, underpinned by scalable technology aimed at protecting our customers’ brands.

Sector focus

LRQA can offer fisheries, aquaculture producers and seafood processors a wide range of internationally-recognised specialist audits and inspections covering everything from sustainability and provenance to food safety and quality. Our audits cover a number of farmed species including salmon, trout, mussels and sea bass.

*Acoura Marine holds this accreditation. Acoura is a member of the LRQA Group


We maintain our impartiality by proactively managing conflicts of interest across all LRQA businesses including those which may exist between consultancy and third-party certification services. Click here to learn more

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