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In 2021, the Global Aquaculture Alliance (GAA) announced that it has officially changed its name to Global Seafood Alliance (GSA).

Since its inception, the Global Seafood Alliance (GSA) worked with stakeholders to bring the ethos of responsible aquaculture development to as many producers as possible. To achieve this, they created the comprehensive Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) certification standard.

Our GSA BAP services

Recognised for their exceptional expertise, our specialist team are equipped with the knowledge and insights to guide you through the intricacies of best practice in seafood production.
We are one of a select number of service providers delivering GSA BAP audits for feed mills, hatcheries, and farms.

image94kd3.pngGap analysis

An optional service where one of our expert auditors helps you identify any weak areas or non-conformities prior to your formal GSA BAP audit.

Accredited certification

We can offer accredited GSA BAP certification - an independent two-phase approach that provides a clear statement of your capabilities, helping you build brand trust and unlock better business opportunities.


Why work with us?

local and global.png
Global capability

Every year, we conduct over 35,000 audits and inspections globally, in addition to delivering a range of tailored services to seafood producers. Wherever you operate, we will be able to support you.

flexible delivery.png
Flexible delivery

Our GSA BAP certification services can be delivered on-site or remotely using safe and secure technology.

beyond compliance.pngTotal assurance 

LRQA specialises in GSA BAP audits with experience assessing a wide range of clients across the globe. With the industry’s most experienced audit team at our disposal, LRQA has an unmatched track record delivering audits in a streamlined, robust and pragmatic way, no matter your size, location, specialism or requirements.

Are you already certified to GSA BAP and would like to transfer?

If you hold a valid accredited certificate of approval with another provider and are considering moving, transferring your GSA BAP certification to LRQA is simple. We'll work with you to ensure your transfer is as smooth as possible.