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remote inspection

Focused on nuclear safety, integrity and performance.

A LRQA and Apave joint venture for the nuclear industry

LRQA Apave

What we offer

We provide confidence throughout your project lifecycle.

  • ITPIA/IA Services
  • Product conformity
  • Project health and safety
  • Building information modelling (BIM)

We help assure your supply chain.

  • ISO 17025 laboratories
  • Nuclear pressure equipment (NPE) policies - UK & France
  • ISO 19443
  • Management system assessment

We also offer technical courses and technical assistance.

  • RCC series training courses
  • ASME code training courses
  • Specific regulations (e.g. UK CDM)
  • Code, standard, and regulation interpretations
  • Hinkley Point NPE and NPS policy training courses

Current projects

ITPIA Services, NNB Hinkley Point C Project


LRQA Apave was appointed by NNB Generation Company Limited as the ITPIA for the Hinkley Point project in 2009. We have been continuously providing independent conformity assessment and associated services at suppliers of all high integrity equipment and systems.

AREVA Creusot Forge improvement project


AREVA contacted LRQA Apave in 2015 for an independent view of their concerns regarding manu-facturing at one of their plants. We reported findings to AREVA, as well as to a panel of interna-tional nuclear safety authorities. Currently we provide independent assessments of the process improvements being introduced at the facility.

Supply chain training and support

China - France - UK

LRQA Apave is providing several training courses and support activities, primarily for the Hinkley Point supply chain. Spanning the pre-tender, tender and contract award phases, our services help clients prepare for and understand both the UK nuclear context and the Nuclear Equipment policy implemented by NNB for the HPC project.