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Testing reactions to risk in the workplace with new VR from LRQA.

LRQA showcases new technology for Occupational Health & Safety Standard ISO 45001 training at METRO Expo.

In response to ever increasing supply chain complexities, LRQA has been developing solutions using virtual reality, augmented reality, blockchain and additive manufacturing technology to help businesses strengthen their quality assurance strategies and more effectively manage supply chain risk. Later this month, LRQA will be demonstrating its latest innovation - virtual reality training for ISO 45001 – at international wholesale company METRO’s Quality Assurance Expo which takes place on 20 February.

Visitors to the LRQA stand will have the opportunity to experience a virtual reality scenario to test how they react to risk in the workplace. With the headset in place, users will find themselves immersed in a scenario within a milk bottling production factory where they need to correctly identify potential occupational health and safety risks in order to successfully complete the exercise.

Innovation Manager for LRQA, Frank van Bockel said: ““Our belief is that virtual reality and later also augmented reality will be the ideal technologies to enhance the learning experience of auditors. As such, we are taking the first steps on a journey to incorporate virtual reality within our training services offering.”