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LRQA partners with McCain on regenerative agriculture initiative

In an exciting development for the food industry and environmental sustainability, LRQA is proud to announce its partnership with McCain for the launch of their new limited edition Naked Oven Chips made with regeneratively farmed potatoes.

Regenerative agriculture is at the forefront of sustainable farming, focusing on practices that improve the health of the soil, increase biodiversity, and sequester carbon. By restoring the natural health of the farming ecosystem, regenerative agriculture not only increases the resilience of land but also improves the nutritional value of produce.

LRQA has worked closely with McCain, the leading producer of frozen potato products, to verify their regenerative agricultural framework and ensure that the practices used in growing regenerative potatoes meet the highest standards of environmental sustainability. This collaboration underpins LRQA’s role as a leading assurance partner in advancing sustainable practices across industries.

McCain and LRQA are pioneering the integration of regenerative agriculture into mainstream food production, showcasing the potential for the food industry to lead in the fight against climate change.

James Sage, Technical Account Manager at LRQA, expresses his enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, "LRQA is delighted to be involved with this market-leading initiative. The framework provides an excellent methodology for potato growers to reduce the environmental impacts of growing their crops."

LRQA is delighted to be involved with this market-leading initiative

James Sage

Technical Account Manager, LRQA

LRQA is excited about the potential partnership to inspire change across the food industry, demonstrating that environmental sustainability and business success can go hand in hand. Together, we are setting a standard for the food industry, proving that through innovation and collaboration, we can tackle the rising demand for sustainably sourced food products and make a significant impact on the health of our planet.

McCain Naked Oven Chips made with regeneratively grown potatoes verified by LRQA

McCain Naked Oven Chips made with regeneratively grown potatoes verified by LRQA

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