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LRQA joins global effort to accelerate net zero nuclear ambitions

LRQA proudly announces its commitment to the Net Zero Nuclear Industry Pledge, a groundbreaking initiative launched by the World Nuclear Association at the COP28 climate change conference in Dubai.

The pledge, crafted in collaboration with leading governments and industry players, outlines a shared vision to triple global nuclear energy capacity by 2050, contributing significantly to carbon neutrality.

The pledge also calls for:

  • Recognition of nuclear as a major source of clean electricity, currently supplying 10% globally and a quarter of clean energy
  • A commitment to actively support low-emission technologies, including nuclear, for sustainable development and climate change mitigation
  • Governments and institutions to ensure equal access to climate finance to triple nuclear energy capacity by 2050
  • Collaborative efforts to accelerate nuclear deployment safely

By supporting the initiative, LRQA underscores its commitment to long-term climate change mitigation and energy security, and we welcome the unique opportunity presented by COP28 to elevate the role of assurance for nuclear energy in the global pursuit of sustainable solutions.

The pledge aligns with our own dedication to driving sustainable practices and reinforces our belief in the pivotal role nuclear energy plays in achieving carbon neutrality.

Ian Spaulding


Ian Spaulding, CEO of LRQA, said:

"We are excited to contribute to the Net Zero Nuclear Industry Pledge and stand shoulder-to-shoulder with governments and industry leaders in advancing the cause of tripling global nuclear capacity by 2050.

“LRQA has a track record supporting over 600 clean energy projects, including nuclear power, in over 25+ countries and providing clients with expert assurance at every stage of their facilities’ lifecycles – from design to decommissioning.

“What’s more, the pledge aligns with our own dedication to driving sustainable practices and reinforces our belief in the pivotal role nuclear energy plays in achieving carbon neutrality."

Sama Bilbao y León, Director General of World Nuclear Association, added:

“The more than 100 companies that have endorsed the Net Zero Nuclear Industry Pledge are matching the ambition and pragmatism shown by the governments that signed the Nuclear Ministerial Declaration earlier this week. Working together we can achieve the goal of at least a tripling of nuclear capacity by 2050.”

The Net Zero Nuclear Industry Pledge was also debuted alongside a ministerial declaration. Governments from countries such as Finland, France, South Korea, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the United States have already played a crucial role in drafting the declaration, with efforts underway to secure additional support from other nations.

For additional information on the net zero nuclear initiative and activities planned for COP28, please visit the official website at netzeronuclear.org


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