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BRCGS signs a partnership agreement with LRQA to offer a range of products and services to BRCGS certified manufacturers.

BRCGS, the world’s largest provider of safety and quality standard certification programmes, has recently announced that they have signed a partnership marketing agreement with LRQA to offer BRCGS global certificated manufacturers a range of products that strengthens brand reputation and compliance.

The purpose of this partnership marketing agreement is aimed at promoting relevant products and services for both BRCGS and LR. It also aims to provide for the ongoing collaboration and development of new initiatives designed to support the goals of BRCGS and LRQA through the creation and adoption of new products, services, industry best practice and standards.

Mark Proctor, Chief Executive of BRCGS, said: “We are delighted to be working with such a highly respected organisation like LRQA and believe the products and services being offered through this partnership marketing agreement will provide considerable value for BRCGS certificated manufactures.”

Stuart Kelly, Global Head of Commercial, Customised Assurance at LRQA added: “BRCGS offers a wide range of standards which can help businesses prove their commitment to safe, sustainable and ethical food. With supply chains becoming increasingly complex, food safety is more important than ever to protect both businesses and consumers. We’ve audited thousands of businesses against standards from BRCGS and look forward to working with the organisation even more closely in our shared mission to make the world a safer place. We aim to ensure brands are protected, risk is mitigated and businesses can identify areas for improvement by working towards established, leading industry certification.”