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Benefits of ISO 27017 for Cloud Service Customers (CSC).

It is the role of the cloud service customer (CSC) to implement information security controls and processes within their organisation to ensure data is kept safe in the cloud. ISO 27017 can help organisations to implement information security policies and procedures, and also provide guidelines for selecting a trusted cloud service provider (CSP) to protect your information assets in the cloud.

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ISO 27017 benefits for CPCs

Selecting the right cloud service provider

ISO 27017 certification from LRQA provides cloud service customers or users with practical information on what to look for when selecting a cloud service provider. This enables you to select a provider who emanates trust, has market credibility, implements processes and controls to protect the information they store and understands accountability is shared between cloud service provider and customer.

Clearly defined roles and responsibilities

Implementing ISO 27017 makes sure your organisation is effectively utilising cloud services, but still protecting your organisation at the same time. Using the cloud may reduce time, resources and costs, but your organisation will still have the same responsibilities to ensure your confidentiality, integrity and availability of information is the same as if it was stored on a physical network. ISO 27017 also ensures responsibilities are clearly defined so all parties involved know and understand their role in protecting your organisation’s information.

Due diligence and compliance

By becoming certified to ISO 27017 with LRQA, you can be reassured that you are complying with any legal or regulatory requirements. Certification enables you to show due diligence and care and provides reassurance that you are prepared should your organisation become a victim of a data breach and is investigated.


By LRQA providing certification to ISO 27017, it shows you are taking your responsibilities seriously. Demonstrating compliance to internationally recognised best practice proves you are mitigating information security risks in the cloud and wider business operations. Your customers and other stakeholders will also have an increased level of trust in you, knowing that you’ve addressed your responsibilities as their supplier.

Need help with ISO 27017?

LRQA can assess your organisation against the best-practice guidelines in ISO 27017 and if successful you will be issued with a statement of verification demonstrating your organisation’s capability to protect information stored in the cloud.

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