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Accelerating digital innovation to improve safety in shipping

Dr Maurizio Pilu Our voice on digital innovation View profile

Sharing findings from a recent global marine industry survey, Maurizio Pilu, our voice on innovation, discusses the hurdles shipping operators face in adopting new digital technologies for safety and how LRQA is helping to tackle them

Maurizio Pilu, VP of Digital Innovation at LRQA, recently discussed some of the barriers we need to overcome to get more life-saving digital technology into use in shipping with the UK Chamber of Shipping.

Sharing findings from a global marine industry survey conducted this year in partnership with Lloyd’s List, Maurizio discussed the significant hurdles shipping operators face in adopting new digital technologies for safety, including uncertainty around return on investment and the cost to pilot unproven solutions.

Digital innovation is an area Maurizio knows well. At LRQA, Maurizio leads digital innovation, working with clients to understand their big safety and operational challenges and developing and applying digital technology to solve them.

However, some challenges, the toughest and most complex, call for new collaborations, fresh perspectives and ground-breaking approaches.

The LRQA Safety Accelerator, a joint initiative between the LRQA Foundation and LRQA, is bringing together digital tech start-ups and industry to work together to test innovative digital solutions to these critical safety challenges.

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