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The latest opinions from our industry experts.

Insights, reports and opinions from LRQA experts.

The latest opinions from our industry experts.

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  • Reading the room: The future of food according to...

    LRQA joins the 2024 GFSI conference to tackle food sector challenges, highlighting the importance of staying ahead in...

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  • Food safety trends: small businesses do not mean small...

    Food safety risks associated with small brands. How food safety certification can help small businesses reach their food...

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  • Navigating Environmental Supply Chain Risks

    Supply chain risk mapping is a strategy that proactively helps companies maintain the stability and robustness of their...

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  • MY-Protecting your brand in a new era of risk

    LRQA’s Kimberly Coffin explores the latest World Economic Forum Risk Report and its implications for the global food...

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    Protecting your brand in a new era of risk image (532 x 421 px)
  • The role of hydrogen in a net-zero future

    Read the first of a three-part series by LRQA's Leanne Halliday covering the complexities and opportunities of hydrogen...

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  • LRQA on COP28: Elevating aviation sustainability

    Read more on the emerging key focus areas from COP28's sustainable aviation forum, as the industry accelerates its...

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    AS 9100
  • LRQA on COP28: Building the farm of the future...

    In this COP28 article, LRQA’s ‌Kimberly Carey Coffin outlines what we must overcome to build the farm of...

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  • LRQA on COP28: Scope 3 emissions - from compliance...

    Erin Lyon, Head of Consulting at LRQA, provides insights on the upcoming COP 28 conference in Dubai and...

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  • LRQA Sustainability Leadership Series: Reading the room

    Jeannie Ivanon provides a round-up of the LRQA Sustainability Leadership series in Dubai, bringing our clients leading sustainability...

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    LRQA COP26
  • LRQA on COP28: Pausing for thought at seven years...

    LRQA’s Chief Executive Officer, Ian Spaulding, looks ahead to the COP 28 conference in Dubia and to some...

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