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Nettitude is an award-winning global provider of cybersecurity services, bringing innovative thought leadership to the ever-evolving cybersecurity marketplace. We provide threat led services that span technical assurance, consulting and managed detection and response offerings.

Our accreditations and certifications make Nettitude a world leader in cybersecurity, with a team that is made up of specialists holding the highest technical qualifications available. It is one of only a handful of companies worldwide that hold all CREST accreditations and the first in the world for SOC services. Nettitude is also a PCI ASV, PCI QSA, PCI 3DS-QSA lead auditor, an ISO 27001 specialist and an approved provider of STAR testing services.

Experts at Nettitude have a thorough knowledge of the most effective cybersecurity options available and can integrate technologies that ensure our client's protection against cyberattacks. Our services include penetration testing, red teaming, vulnerability assessments, managed security services, incident response, PCI compliance assessments, risk consulting, and more.

Nettitude adopts a consultative approach to work together with our clients to provide services tailored to your needs, risk appetites, and threat profiles. You can entrust their innovative team with your whole cybersecurity strategy to manage and combat cyber risks.


Our services:

Penetration Testing:

A penetration test is a simulated attempt to compromise or break into a system and is an important step in protecting your organisation. Nettitude's team of experts hold the highest technical qualifications available to provide real-world, human-led testing services including penetration testing from the advanced techniques of CBEST & Simulated Targeted Attack and Response (STAR), through to the broader assurances of Cyber Essentials, social engineering, red teaming exercises, and vulnerability assessments.

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Governance Risk & Compliance:

As a registered Qualified Security Assessors (QSA – responsible for assessing your compliance) for over 10 years, Nettitude has extensive experience working with clients across many sectors. We can help protect your business by identifying vulnerabilities and assessing technology and business risk to deliver practical solutions that enable compliance with cybersecurity, risk, and compliance regulations. Our experts can assist with PCI DSS, ISO 27001, Cyber Essentials and GDPR Guidance and are experienced in taking regulatory and compliance frameworks and adapting them to meet the needs of an organisation, according to their industry, size, and geography.

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Managed Security Services:

With over a decade of experience in hardening and securing networks, Nettitude's Security Operations Centre (SOC) can analyse large scale breaches, both from a technical perspective and from one concerned with business risk. Whether you require incident response services, vulnerability assessment or 24×7 monitoring for your organisation, we can help.

  • Security Operations Centre
    Through Nettitude's Security Operations Centre (SOC), we can deliver award-winning 24/7 managed security services that secure our clients by detecting and responding to threats. Nettitude's Managed Security Services deliver a much stronger return on investment when compared with traditional in-house solutions.
  • Vulnerability Scanning
    Vulnerability Scanning is the broad concept that covers the examination of IT systems and networks to identify security weaknesses that can leave an organisation exposed to a cyber threat. Failing to understand what vulnerabilities you have within your environment and then remediate them could present an attacker the opportunity they need to gain access to your systems.

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Incident Response:

A cyber incident within your organisation can be at best; a hindrance, at worst; terminal. If your organisation is experiencing a security incident such as a Malware or Ransomware attack right now and you need immediate assistance Nettitude have the Incident Responders to help. Understanding how to respond to a cyber incident is paramount to an organisation's recovery from a security breach. Our team are certified and registered CREST testers and Incident Response (IR) consultants. Nettitude's Cyber Incident Response Team (NCIRT) is CSIR accredited and has vast experience in handling critical and complex high-profile investigations. As a member of The Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams our NCIRT work closely with national and regional teams to share and coordinate information and provide a comprehensive, professional approach to cyber incident handling.

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Bug Bounty:

Offering you continuous assurance, not just testing at a particular point in time, a Bug Bounty gives you real-time insight on vulnerabilities following simulated attacks from a wide range of experienced bounty hunters. Unlike other forms of testing, you only pay for outcomes, so the added value is obvious. Plus, we can put a ceiling on your total pay-out so you're always in control of your budget.
Nettitude's Bug Bounty platform provides a controlled and responsible way to turn your organisation into a safer place. With a Bug Bounty, you get access to our world-class team of security professionals who focus on the threats that your organisation cares about the most.

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