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Regulatory expertise when it comes to safety-critical inspection.

Nuclear in-service inspection


After a nuclear plant is completed, several major components require on-going inspection to make sure they are performing safely and as intended. Mostly these requirements are performed to global standards based on local regulations. 

What we offer

We help clients make optimal risk-informed decisions that take into account budget, internal initiatives, potential outages, regulatory requirements and safety risks.

Asset Management System

We can provide advice, assessment, training and certification to the recognised asset management system standard, ISO 55001.

In-service Inspection

We provide in-service inspection and testing of nuclear power plant components performed to standards such as ASME Sec. XI for the periodic inspection and testing of components.

We can also help produce risk informed in-service inspection programmes that enhance safety and economics by focusing inspection on areas with the highest potential for reduction of plant risk and maintenance costs.

Structural Integrity Management

LRQA also provides load combination analysis for structural verification, plant aging management, and passive component reliability studies. 

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