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Global Food Safety Conference 2018

About the event

The Global Food Safety Initiative‚Äôs (GFSI) Global Food Safety Conference (GFSC) is a unique annual event bringing together hundreds of leading food safety specialists to advance global food safety. The GFSC 2018 will address the foundational idea of leadership through trust, transparency, and technology. Various programmes centred on such themes as capacity-building, transparency and visibility in the supply chain, enhanced public-private partnerships, and leveraging technology and metrics are also on the agenda. 

Organisations worldwide are proclaiming their commitment to having a strategic focus on being technologically enabled and agile. This means that assurance providers are at the forefront of embracing new technologies such as LRQA's announcement last year of the adoption of the greenfence platform technology to facilitate the development of digital assurance services. 

The GFSC will see delegates from a range of backgrounds including government bodies, retailers, manufacturers and academia, all with a common objective to advance food safety globally.

Whether you plan on attending the GFSC or not, you can join in the conversation now on Twitter using #GFSI18.

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