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Business Continuity Management Systems: Why and How for organizations.


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An ISO 22301 Business Continuity Management System (BCMS) prepares businesses for worst-case scenarios; be it IT outage, personnel or telecommunications incident, terrorism, inclement weather or pandemic . By implementing clear processes to ensure rapid recovery, ISO 22301 helps guarantee a consistent level of service to your customers and other stakeholders.

Watch our On-Demand webinar where our expert discusses the importance, implementation challenges & tips and benefits of implementing a BCMS in your organisation.


  • What is ISO 22301 and why do organisations need it?
  • What are the implementation challenges while implementing a BCMS?
  • Benefits of implementing it
  • Client perspective


About the speaker:

Hussein Abu Aoon, Senior auditor, LRQA

Hussein has a degree in Industrial engineering and 15+ years of professional experience. He is a trainer and a lead auditor for standards like ISO 22301, ISO 55001, ISO 9001, and more. Having worked with top global brands, he has in-depth knowledge of systems and processes related to business continuity.