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Know the unknowns, when selling to a new market.

LRQA can support your international projects.

International codes and standards support


The world of manufacturing regulations, codes, and standards can be complex and difficult to navigate. Every country has its own requirements, and the company who doesn't know what's required before bidding on a project is the company most at risk.

Browsing through LRQA's interactive pressure equipment regulations map alone, you can see how many different regulations are involved - and that's just for pressure equipment.

What we offer

Around the world, many of our customers ask the same two questions: What standards and codes apply to a certain project, and how can we meet those requirements? 

Whether we're working with newcomers to the industry or long-time veterans looking to sell to a new market, LRQA helps find the answers through our customised service. Our deliverable to you is a report, and can include the following aspects:

Awareness & knowledge

Identify critical countries and relevant equipment

Research applicable legislation

A roadmap to conformity for your selected countries

Steps toward conformity

Research applicable standards and codes for selected equipment

Identify resources with LRQA with knowledge of these standards

Verify that design is in conformity with standards


Why choose LRQA?

We have broad experience with assets, from their design to their inspection and certification. Our design appraisal global centres of excellence provide your engineers with an experiened resource to review and ensure your designs meet the appropriate requirements.

Once you've started manufacturing, our surveyors have experience with several types of equipment, containers, and cranes. We also serve a variety of sectors including upstream and downstream oil and gas, nuclear, thermal power, and renewable power.


What can we help you with?

Let us know using the form below, and we'll get right back to you.

Interactive map: Global pressure equipment regulations

Use our interactive map to find out what regulations and standards apply for pressure equipment in countries around the world.

Interactive map: Global pressure equipment regulations
Pressure equipment knowledge map