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Industry approval of Windflow’s novel, two-bladed turbines.

Design type approval to international standards and review and auditing of manufacturing sites.


Client challenge

Windflow manufactures 500 kW turbines for use in turbulent wind conditions, such as those experienced in New Zealand. Our client’s innovative, two-bladed design includes several features not found on traditional, thee-bladed designs. The company asked us to help them gain international recognition, supporting their business regionally and further afield. Globally, Windflow offers a range of wind energy services, including turnkey development solutions, specialising in mid-sized wind farms of up to 100 MW, located in areas with strong winds and complex terrain.  

How we helped

We worked closely with our client, carrying out type approval of all aspects of the turbine's design to the IEC 61400 suite of international industry standards. Our involvement covered the testing of the turbine, either on site with specialists present or at an accredited test house to ensure relevant standards were being met.

We also supported Windflow during turbine fabrication worldwide. Our review and auditing of the various manufacturing sites ensured components were being made in accordance with the design requirements. This activity was an essential part of the project's success.

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