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NAM: Bringing gas to the Netherlands through 30km of large pipeline.

Independent appraisal and inspection services from the design and manufacturing of pipeline to its laying.

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Client challenge

NAM is the leading producer of natural gas in the Netherlands, accounting for 74% of total Dutch production. Its Norgron pipeline project is a major business investment, connecting the Groningen gas field with NAM’s Norg storage facility in Langelo. Our client needed to know that 30km of large, 120-centimetre diameter pipeline was fit for purpose, including every bend and weld.

How we helped

Ours services supported NAM’s major project from start to finish. This included:

  • pipeline design appraisal

  • third-party inspection services, from pipeline fabrication in China to the manufacturing of the bend material in Europe

  • establishing an Inspection Test Plan (ITP) for assessing the field welds, involving visual examinations and non-destructive testing

  • carrying out testing to the ITP throughout the build phase.

Watch our short film for a project summary.  


Here we are here at the Kieviterij, where the Norgron pipeline enters the underground. My name is Max Klein, Materials and Corrosion Engineer for NAM in Groningen.

This project is unique because we are dealing with a relatively large diameter of the pipeline. As well as the finishing of the field welds.

My name is Koos Smid. I am involved with the inspections of the welds according to the test and inspection plan, as set up by our appraisal department. After the weld is finished, the welds are visually examined, non destructive examined and coated. Then the weld train continues to the next weld fit-up.

LRQA was monitoring during pipeline fabrication in China and also during the manufacturing of bend material in Europe. We know we know we can rely on LRQA when it comes down to expert advice.

Client feedback

“We know we can rely on LRQA when it comes down to expert advice.”

Max Klein

Materials and Corrosion Engineer, NAM

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