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Risk Based Methodology

LRQA will aim to deliver a strategic improvement to your organisation’s system, whether its new or existing, making sure you will be compliant to all aspects of the chosen standard. With our knowledge of sectors and markets, we take into consideration key risks organisations could face, and can place strategic and operational plans to help you identify and defuse possible risks. This will lead to strengthening your reputation among clients and stakeholders.

How does it work?

To identify the key risks your organisation faces, we take our understanding of your strategic and operational plans, and add to this our knowledge of your sector and markets. We then evaluate the design of your management systems in light of these risks. 

In doing so, we help ensure that the systems are complete, robust and appropriate. That assurance enables you to build trust and enhance your reputation among clients and stakeholders.

How it can help your organisation

If you know you have a risk, and you’re not sure you have the right procedures in place to manage it, then our examination can deliver vital information to help you improve your management systems

If you’re confident that you already have the right measures in place, then we will rigorously test what you have done, check it works and deliver an independent, impartial perspective which gives you added confidence.

And if we identify risks that you had not thought about, then you are in a position to act on the information before something goes wrong.

Identifying your risk

We need deep insight into the risks your organisation faces. Our own experience will guide us, but we also need access to insight from your senior management. You should be thinking about the areas of risk that are a concern for your business, and telling us about them so we can help you.