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BRCGS Food Safety

BRCGS food safety certification

Demonstrate your commitment to best practice in food safety

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LRQA is a global provider of BRCGS Food Safety certification

With over 33,000 clients in the food, beverage, retail and hospitality sectors, LRQA is a global provider of BRCGS Food Safety audits to a huge range of customers.

First published in 1998, BRCGS Food Safety provides a framework to manage product safety, integrity, legality, quality, and operational controls for these criteria in the food manufacturing, processing, and packing industry. BRCGS Food Safety is recognised by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI); successful certification enables access to key markets.

The 9th issue of the standard was launched in August 2022. LRQA can help to ensure you meet the new audit criteria. 

Our BRCGS Food Safety Services

We have world-leading food safety experts on hand to help you achieve your goals.

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Expand your knowledge of BRCGS Food Safety with our range of courses that have been designed for varying levels of experience and learning styles.

Gap analysis

Gap analysis

An optional service where one of our expert auditors helps you identify any weak areas or non-conformities prior to your formal BRCGS Food Safety audit.


Accredited certification

An independent two-phase approach that provides a clear statement of your capabilities. Accredited certification helps you build trust with stakeholders and win new business.

Why work with us?

Global capability

We operate in more than 160 countries with a team of more than 6,000 people. Wherever you operate, we will be able to support you.

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Flexible delivery

Our BRCGS Food Safety training and certification services can be delivered both on-site and remotely using secure technology.

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Total assurance

By partnering with us for certification services, you can establish a strong foundation of trust among your stakeholders, showcasing your commitment to implementing and upholding the highest level of best practice.

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All BRCGS services

BRCGS aims to improve brand confidence for organisations through rigorous supply chain assurance. We offer a total of 7 BRCGS services – from packaging materials to distribution. Check out all our BRCGS services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is BRCGS certification?

BRCGS is a certification scheme that provides a framework for managing product safety and quality. There are 4 BRCGS standards for certification for food manufacturing, package manufacturing and storage and distribution. The BRCGS Food, Packaging and Storage Distribution standards are all GFSI Benchmarked as equivalent to FSSC, IFS, and SQF standards. 

What are the benefits of BRCGS Certification?

The benefits of BRCGS Certification are:

New business opportunities

Improve your ability to work with the many organisations for which BRCGS certification is a contractual obligation or expectation. 

Customer confidence in your brand 

The standard helps you protect your brand, giving customers confidence in your production programmes and supply chain management. 

Supply chain access

The Global Standard for Food Safety is accepted and specified by many global retailers, manufacturers, ingredients companies, food service organisations and raw material processors as part of their supplier approval process. 

Competitive advantage 

Certification against one of the leading standards in your sector sets you apart from uncertified competitors. 

How long does BRCGS certification last?

The certification is valid for a year from the date of issue. To maintain certification, the organisation must pass an annual audit.

Some certification bodies may conduct unannounced audits during the certification period. These audits will take place at any time without prior notice. 

How much does BRCGS certification cost?

The cost of BRCGS certification varies depending on multiple factors such as the size of the organisation, the organisation structure, and the scope of the certification. To request a quote based on your specific needs contact us here.

What is the typical BRCGS certification process?

The path your organisation takes to achieve BRCGS certification depends on your business's size, maturity, and existing approach to managing risk, amongst other factors. But the standard process to becoming certified includes three main steps. 

Your organisation can request a voluntary BRCGS pre-audit as preparation for the initial BRCGS certification audit. When your organisation is ready, request the initial certification audit. The auditor will go on-site to review your product safety and quality systems, products and production processes in line with relevant BRCGS requirements. The auditor will issue an action plan listing all the findings and your company will have to complete it detailing the implemented corrections and the proposed corrective actions. The report and action plan released by the auditor is the subject of an independent technical review. Based on the result of the technical review, the certificate issuance is recommended or not. 

What is new in BRCGS Food Safety version 9?

BRCGS Food Safety version 9 includes several updates and changes to the standard. The new version looks at risk with importance given to food safety culture, hazard and risk analysis, and supplier management. In addition, a number of changes have been introduced to bring the standard in line with the GFSI Requirements. 

Are you already certified to BRCGS and would like to transfer?

If you hold a valid accredited certificate of approval with another provider and you are considering making the move, transferring your BRCGS Food Safety certification to LRQA is simple. We'll work with you to ensure your transfer is as smooth as possible.

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