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Scalable and customised training solutions to grow, upskill and protect your business

LRQA Academy offers uniquely crafted and data-driven training platforms designed to address your organisation's challenges and goals.

Each LRQA Academy solution is designed to help protect and enhance your business operations. Our approach is never one-size-fits-all, ensuring every training programme is as unique as your needs.

Explore how the LRQA Academy can revolutionise your training programmes and address specific demands at a vast scale to drive your business forward.  

Why work with us?

Unique approach

LRQA Academies provide a distinctive learning model that prioritises both context and content for success. Supported by top leaders, these academies align strategic needs with bespoke learning, promoting skill development and problem-solving. With curated content, expert guidance and robust data, LRQA Academies establish standards and ensure consistency across organisational supply chains.

LRQA employee doing an inspection

Global capability

Delivered locally or across borders, our language-driven trainings ensure comprehensive understanding and effective learning experiences worldwide.

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Flexible delivery

Whether as a standalone solution or part of our Management System Solution ecosystem, the LRQA Academy adapts to your specific requirements, providing a truly personalised learning journey.

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Seamless integration

Hosted via our iLearning platform, we create your personalised learning page, mirroring your organisation's look and feel. Alternatively, we can integrate with your existing learning platform for a seamless experience.


Transform your training solutions

Contact our experts to find out more about how our bespoke academy solutions can revolutionise your training programmes and scale your business.

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