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Achieve a safe and healthy workplace with ISO 45001.

OH&S Panel Discussion

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The world of health and safety in the workplace is undergoing significant transformation.

Work environments have changed for the foreseeable future and perhaps even permanently, with some employees working from home while others are able to travel or go on-site.

ISO 45001, the global health and safety management system standard is designed to ensure that organisations consider everything that can have a impact on workers and other interested parties.

In this panel discussion, you can find out how ISO 45001 can help meet your business's changing needs.

Main topics:

  • The key elements of ISO 45001 and differences to OHSAS 18001
  • The key challenges organisations face during ISO 45001 audits
  • Benefits of ISO 45001 certification and how it can help organisations improve processes
  • ISO 45001 framework and management of emerging risks.



  • Martin Cottam, Group Technical Assurance & Quality Director, LRQA and Chair, ISO technical committee 283, OH&SM
  • Suzanne Laskiewicz, Management Systems Assessor, LRQA
  • Donna Hutchison, Director, Quensh HSEQ Specialists
  • Craig Hunter, Group Head of HSSEQ, ASCO