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Speak up

Voice your concerns confidentially

LRQA SpeakUp is operated by People InTouch, an independent company, and allows anyone to raise concerns confidentially, and anonymously if they wish, at any time in multiple languages.

Concerns can be reported in any of the following ways:


Via the Speak Up by PeopleInTouch app

Download the app and use code 104070 to login

Via our dedicated webpage

Visit https://lrqa.speakup.report/LRQA to create a new report and start a trusted conversation 

Via telephone

(voice message facility)

Download PDF to find your local telephone number and use code 104070 when prompted.

LRQA SpeakUp is NOT 999 or Emergency Service:

DO NOT use LRQA SpeakUp to report events presenting an immediate threat to life or property. Reports submitted through this service may not receive an immediate response. If you require emergency assistance, you should contact your local authorities.

  • Who can use LRQA SpeakUp?

    LRQA SpeakUp is open to all employees, contractors, agency workers, clients, suppliers, business partners and members of the communities where LRQA operates, to raise concerns related to LRQA.

    LRQA SpeakUp can also be used by third parties/workers to inform LRQA that they have faced retaliation after participating in an interview during an LRQA/ELEVATE assessment. Note: LRQA SpeakUp is not a grievance channel for third parties/workers to report other issues they are have with their employer.

  • When should I use LRQA SpeakUp?

    Wherever possible, we encourage you to try and resolve concerns informally and directly.  If you feel unable to raise the concern directly with someone at LRQA, LRQA SpeakUp can be used for raising genuine concerns about suspected breaches of LRQAs Code of Ethics, or, when in doubt, about anything that does not constitute ethical, compliant or lawful behaviour. This can include:

    • Impartiality
      Conflicts of interests, Independence
    • Ethics & Compliance (E&C) and Policy breaches
      Bribery and corruption, political and charitable activities and contributions, gifts & hospitality, sanctions, anti-trust
    • Finance
      Fraud, money laundering and tax evasion
    • Data Protection, IT, and Assets
      Confidentiality, data privacy, intellectual property
    • HR, and Employment
      Equal Opportunity or discrimination, harassment (physical, verbal or sexual), labour and wage laws
    • Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Sustainability
      Protecting the environment, workplace safety and health, substance abuse, modern slavery
  • How to use LRQA SpeakUp?

    If you have decided you wish to raise a concern via LRQA SpeakUp, you can do so via app, web or telephone.

    When making a report, please include a detailed description of your concern – including what has happened, when did it happen, where did it take place and who is involved, if available.

    If you are comfortable to do so, we would also encourage you to include your name/contact information to allow a member of LRQA’s Legal, Risk and Compliance Team and/or an investigator to speak with you directly about your concerns. We often find that it can result in a more thorough investigation, if we are able to speak with you and it can also alleviate any concerns you may have what happens next. However, it is your choice whether you wish to disclose your name or to stay anonymous.
    If you provide information about a person, please do not include sensitive personal information which is clearly part of that person's private life; e.g. mental or physical condition or religious beliefs.

  • What happens once a report is submitted?

    After a report is submitted, a transcription of the voice message or web report is sent to LRQA’s Legal, Risk and Compliance Team, who will review your concern and identify next steps, which may include appointing an independent person to investigate the matter.  

    It is important, that you regularly log back into LRQA SpeakUp to see if a response has been left for you, as it may be that LRQA  have follow up questions for you.  Take note of your report number and password and keep this safe (neither People InTouch or LRQA will be able to reset this for you. 

    You may also wish to sign up for automatic email notifications if using the online for to submit your report. Note: LRQA is not provided with your email address if you sign up for notifications.

  • Where is the information submitted stored?

    The information that you provide will be hosted by People InTouch utilising Amazon Web Services, with servers located in Frankfurt (primary) and Paris (secondary) see People InTouch’s Privacy Statement.

    There are robust controls in place to protect the privacy of individuals who use LRQA Speak Up (see LRQA’s SpeakUp Privacy Notice).

Contact us

Got a question about LRQA’s Ethics & Compliance Programme? You can contact LRQA’s Legal, Risk and Compliance team by email: ethics@lrqa.com

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