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ISO 19011 Auditor/inspector seminar



One of LRQA's most successful HSE courses by far is our ISO 19011 Auditor/inspector seminar. These courses have had thousands of students reach a higher level of internal auditor competency since the course started 11 years ago. The course has evolved over the years to its consistent 94% attendee approval rating.

Suitable for

Operations, QHSE (quality, health, safety and environmental) supervisory and management staff as well as SIMOPS (simultaneous operations) coordinators.

Depending on the number of employees you need to provide this training to, it is highly recommended that the training is customised to your company's requirements, terminology, forms, etc. to more effectively ensure your valuable employees are learning your company's approach and methodology. The cost of the customised course can be minimal when compared to the number of employees you need to train.

You will learn

The teams will perform hypothetical audits as they move through the process of gathering evidence and providing findings as part of their management debrief where they are put through the test of justifying their findings. While this course is effective in its generic form, it will provide the best value to attendees and your company through integration of your audit program, terminology and implementation requirements.

This course provides a high level of auditing methodology to not only educate on the ISO (International Organization for Standardization) 19011 auditing standard but to change the perception and implementation of auditing principles. Many of our clients now require this training as part of the auditor program.


The workshop utilizes an open learning atmosphere, making use of a combination of lectures, interactive discussion, hand’s-on activities, video, workshop exercises and testing to ensure optimum learning. The maximum number of delegates for a course is 15, while 12 is optimal per class as per international training best practice for this type of course.

Day 1
Principles of auditing Effective auditing program Audit planning QHSE audit instruments, inspection checklist and assessment tools


Day 2
Pre-audit meetings and scheduling
Kick-off meeting
Familiarisation tour
Document and record verification


Day 3
Interviewing excercise
Data analysis and findings
Report writing
Management debrief meeting
Remedial work plan

Your future development

Participants receive a LRQA certificate of completion, if they successfully fulfil the training requirements.

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