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Training for process improvement.

The international TickITplus Association recommends that all key members of staff have undergone the TickITplus Foundation training to gain a basic understanding of the key concepts and requirements of the scheme.


LRQA has been selected by the TickITplus Association to provide Tickplus training. We provide training from TickITplus Foundation to TickITplus Appreciation and Interpretation.

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  • Management System Solutions

    Ensure you and your teams perform at the highest level and can meet challenges and industry expectations effectively through Management System Solutions (MSS).

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  • LRQA Training Academy

    LRQA Academy offers uniquely crafted training platforms designed to address your organisation's challenges and goals.

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  • CARB Climate Change Verification Services

    If you are required to have to your greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions verified under the CGWSA, LRQA can help with our accredited ARB verification services.

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  • UK Emissions Trading Scheme (UK ETS)

    LRQA's independent verification services against the UK Emissions Trading Scheme (UK ETS) demonstrates your commitment to low carbon emissions.

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