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Functional Roles at LRQA

Functional Roles

Find out more about our functional roles.


Our world-class systems require world-class thinking. So, it’s important that candidates for roles in these areas understand global scope, clear routes to progress and wake up in the morning excited to work on projects across every facet of our business. By joining us, everything you do, every decision you make, every task you undertake will be guided by your inner purpose and drive — to do the right thing.

Business Support & Administration

Our success is built on a strong foundation, and our colleagues in support roles work every day to keep our business running efficiently. They’re the link between our teams, making sure day-to-day processes are working perfectly and ensuring every department gets the best support and it's easy for everyone to do business with us.

Finance & Accounting

Our Finance teams combine a range of expertise to provide world-class service at all levels. As part of our commitment to their success, and the success of the company, we’ve, invested significantly to improve performance by moving to more standardised, automated processes that ensure consistency both internally and with every interaction with our clients.

This team is driven by their commitment to our values, as a result, they operate with an ethical and values-driven approach. Balancing commerciality with ‘doing the right thing’ is a challenge faced every day when providing advice, compliance and guidance to help us create an ever stronger and more efficient company.

Human Resources

We are working in a rapidly evolving market with changing client needs and we want to continue to expand our global workforce with professionals who can add value and originality to our teams. We are the critical partner that enables the business to deliver superior performance. We're passionate about helping colleagues reach their full potential, so we’ve invested heavily in both our people and our processes to optimise talent attraction and management so that we can ensure our colleagues are representative of the diverse needs of the local markets we serve. We are committed to providing a world-class employee experience to ensure the business outperforms in all areas of people management.

Marketing & Communications

Marketing is the face of our business. It’s what drives clients to consider us when they’re looking for a trusted partner to provide expert, confident advice and focus on what really matters to them.

As a result, our Marketing and Communications teams are obsessed with the needs of our clients and our markets, they’re strategic thinkers, relationship makers, and ideas focused. From big picture initiatives to day-to-day communications, this team is voice of our company.


Our tech teams are comprised of people who bring extremely diverse skillsets to help us provide customers with cost effective, sustainable and secure technology solutions. Because they're tasked with completing a broad range of jobs, their single aim is to innovate, adapt and grow through technology and keep it secure.

Legal, Property & Procurement

From contract management to defending legal claims against the LRQA group, our legal team provides a wide range of support to many areas of our business, covering everything from employment law to intellectual property rights, managing the legality around communications to general support and legal advice around business compliance.

Our Property team ensures the efficient and effective delivery of support services to the organisation and the buildings and facilities that we require. The team takes great care of all the physical workplace requirements of the business globally.

Our Global Procurement team takes advantage of LRQA’s global buying power and are totally focused on improving efficiency and reducing our operating costs. Managing key suppliers and developing longer-term relationships, the team supports both global and local sourcing and procurement of products and services to ensure LRQA receives the very best levels of quality and service.

HSES (Health Safety Environment and Sustainability)

HSES employees are driven to secure the health, safety and welfare of people at work and protect others from risks to health and safety from work activity. They’re tasked with monitoring incidents of injury, illness, create reports, developing strategies to reduce safety issues, perform risk assessments, and investigate potential safety concerns.

Business Management/Leadership

Our Business Managers are responsible for developing goals and objectives to help us grow and prosper. They’re also tasked with ensuring the efficiency of our business operations and setting strategic goals for the future. These teammates also possess the confidence to provide guidance that aligns with, and incorporates, our company’s vision and culture.