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Metals, Fabrication and Components

When your customers demand traceability, trust the experts in material assessment and inspection

Our assurance starts at the beginning

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Traceability of material used in critical components is an essential part of our role as the independent third party.

We start our journey through the manufacturing process at the steel mill, continue through to the welders and the procedures they use, and also help component manufacturers meet the correct codes, standards and regulations.

From the smallest bolt to larger fabrications, we help provide the confidence these parts form a safe, reliable whole. That assurance extends to the welders, welding processes and procedures used to fabricate safety-critical equipment and structures.




Giving you peace of mind that things are what they should be

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Supply chain assurance

Vendor site inspections


Compliance and certification


Giving you a license to operate

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EC directives

Construction Products Regulation






Validating the state of your assets, products or suppliers

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Additive manufacturing

Additive manufacturing facility qualification
Material certification
Part and component certification


Materials & welding


EN 10204:2004 Type 3.2 certification services
ISO 3834 Certification
Welding procedure and welder operator qualification
Welding procedure qualification

Lifecycle stages 


Diligence to get your projects off to a good start

Commissioning, design & build

EN 10204:2004 Type 3.2 certification services

Understanding EN 10204:Type 3.2 Certification

More companies are demanding traceability in their critical equipment - that means making sure the material truly is what the certificate says. Download our guide to understanding how the EN 10204:Type 3.2 standard adds value for everyone.

Understanding EN 10204:Type 3.2 Certification
Steel bars