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LRQA accredited by UKAS to deliver ISO 19443 certification in continued commitment to nuclear sector

01 Jun 2024

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LRQA is proud to announce its accreditation by UKAS – the United Kingdom Accreditation Service – to deliver ISO 19443 certification to clients.

LRQA provides essential services for the nuclear industry, including equipment inspection and technical advisory, project assurance and certification, and supply chain and vendor inspection services.  

Having worked in partnership with clients to support some the world’s largest nuclear projects, this latest ISO 19443 accreditation is a welcome addition to our portfolio and further validates the strategic significance of the sector to LRQA, as well as our work to support clients with the highest standards of quality and safety.  

The push towards net zero is a defining feature of the era of Assurance 4.0 – the new era of risk management – in which businesses are faced with complex challenges around managing energy asset lifecycles. The drive to build cleaner, greener energy sources is facilitating a step-change in industrial production, investor focus, corporate governance and governmental regulation, to which businesses must respond.  

By understanding and engaging with emerging standards like ISO 19443, businesses can turn compliance into a competitive edge, ensuring access to their chosen markets and demonstrating quality and transparency to their industry and stakeholders.  

Ian Spaulding, LRQA CEO, said: 

"As the world races towards net zero, nuclear energy stands out as a credible, reliable, safe and clean energy source. With global nuclear projects underway, certification is key for the supply chain to safeguard operations, demonstrate best practice, and build stakeholder trust. This is not just about risk management, it’s good business. 

“Since 1950, LRQA has been a steadfast partner in the nuclear sector and delivered over 600 renewable energy projects across 25 countries in the past 24 months alone. We are proud to contribute to the Net Zero Nuclear Industry Pledge, aligning with governments and industry leaders to dramatically scale this green energy source and triple global nuclear capacity by 2050. This accreditation reinforces our commitment to our clients and our planet and is testament to our deep-rooted expertise in safety, supply chain, and renewable energy."  

Companies who choose to pursue ISO 19443 demonstrate an ability to consistently deliver products and services that meet customer and legal requirements, enhance customer satisfaction, and ensure continuous improvement and compliance.  

The standard is relevant for any organisation within the nuclear supply chain, regardless of type or size, including those providing products or services important to nuclear safety (ITNS), and those operating on licensed nuclear sites with prior agreement.  

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