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Gator Rigging LRCCS competent manufacturer

Gator Rigging certified as an LRCCS Competent Manufacturer.

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Gator Rigging, a wire rope and sling fabricator, has received competent manufacturer certification under the LRQA Container Certification Scheme, the first company of its kind to do so.

Gator Rigging, Inspection and Testing has received Competent Manufacturer Certification under the LRQA Container Certification Scheme (LRCCS), the first company of its kind to achieve that level of certification.inspection_-_gator_rigging_lrccs_certified

Headquartered in Morgan City, Louisiana, Gator Rigging manufactures and services wire rope slings for offshore containers at two manufacturing facilities. As an LRCCS Certified Competent Manufacturer, Gator Rigging can now produce certified offshore lifting sets at its facility in Cut Off, Louisiana without the need for each piece to be inspected by a third party.

The LRCCS Competent Manufacturer Scheme is an audit of a manufacturer's competence to make equipment according to specified product standards and regulations. Gator Rigging had to undergo an extensive audit and assessment that scrutinized its ability to produce offshore sling sets. It included reviews and approvals of their:

  • quality manual and ISO 9001 certification

  • inspection equipment used for measuring and testing

  • internal inspection personnel training records

  • quality plan indicating where inspection and tests are carried out

Going forward, LRQA surveyors will conduct periodic surveillance checks, as well as a thorough re-certification every three years. The certification means Gator is now approved to make specified products on their own, without the need for each piece to be inspected.

"It's hard to put a value on the certification – it's invaluable," said Jay Schexnayder, President and CFO of Gator Rigging. "Our manufacturing teams work 24/7. Being LRCCS certified means we have the flexibility to meet the demands of our customers. If we need to supply several certified slings to a customer at two in the morning, now we can."

The LRCCS Competent Manufacturer Certification also gives companies the assurance that their equipment meets global regulations for offshore equipment, which are governed by the International Maritime Organization's (IMO) IMDG Code.

"We want our products to go worldwide," said Mr. Schexnayder. "Rigs don't just stay in the Gulf of Mexico anymore. They move from market to market, and we want our products to be able to go where they go."

"The LRCCS Competent Manufacturer Certification is an attractive option for Gulf Coast manufacturers who want to demonstrate their capabilities to produce quality equipment safely," said Ramon Contreras, LRQA's Senior Surveyor for Louisiana. "It also gives them cost flexibility to stay competitive in the current challenging environment."

Gator Rigging joins a number of other manufacturers who have been certified under the LRCCS Competent Manufacturers Scheme.