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ISO 37001 certification will enable your organisation to implement controls that will help your organisation to prevent, detect and address bribery.

ISO 37001 anti-bribery management

What is ISO 37001 certification?

ISO 37001 is the new international standard for an anti-bribery management systems, replacing BS 10500 in October 2016. Bribery can take place anywhere, be of any value and can involve financial or non-financial advantages or benefits. ISO 37001 has been designed to include a series of measures that represent globally recognised practices, which an organisation must implement to help them prevent, detect and address bribery.

ISO 37001 certification enables your organisation to apply a series of measures that can serve as a framework for you to implement controls that may enhance your ability to address bribery risk.

ISO 37001 can be implemented in any organisation, regardless of industry, location and size and can help protect your organisation from:

  • bribery by and against your organisation or your staff
  • bribes paid or received by your organisation or a third party.

Benefits of ISO 37001 certification

Minimising risk

ISO 37001 certification will help your organisation to implement or enhance controls to combat bribery and reduce the risk of bribery occurring.

Stakeholder confidence

By demonstrating compliance to the ISO 37001 standard, your stakeholders can feel confident that your organisation has good-practice, anti-bribery controls in place and has taken reasonable steps to prevent bribery.

The UK Bribery Act 2010

ISO 37001 certification requires you to implement an anti-bribery policy and appoint someone to oversee compliance to that policy. This ensures all employees understand what is expected of them, helping your organisation to stay within the law.

Prosecution protection

In the event of a criminal investigation, approval to ISO 37001 will enable your organisation to demonstrate that your organisation has taken the responsible steps to prevent bribery.

Competitor advantage

When tendering many organisations are asked to provide evidence of an anti-bribery policy. ISO 37001 certification will demonstrate that your organisation works to the latest industry best practice, enabling you to stay ahead of the competition.

Why choose LRQA for ISO 37001 certification?


LRQA has been providing certification and training services for over 30 years and with our technical specialists contributing to the ISO technical committees, we know what we are talking about.

Unique assessment methodology 

LRQA's unique methodology turns assessment into a powerful management tool. We tailor our ISO 37001 assessments to how well your system is managing operational risks, enabling you to improve your management system and business at the same time.

Market leader 

Choosing LRQA means you’ll be working with one of the world’s most trusted and respected management system bodies. ISO 37001 certification from LRQA, ensures your industry recognises that your accomplishment has been achieved from one of the best.

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