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Farm F1rst Assurance Scheme

Committing to animal and worker welfare.

Consumers expect the welfare of food-producing livestock and the ethical well-being of workers. Their purchasing decisions are shaping complex food supply chains and driving best-practice globally across producers, processors, and retail.

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Farm F1rst assurance scheme is a new global certification Scheme designed to deliver safe and secure food supply chains with a commitment to animal, bird, and worker welfare. Underpinned with local regulatory and relevant environmental requirements, Farm F1rst also contains Good Agricultural Practices.

Currently intended for the production, processing and retail of poultry, the scheme standards will expand to cover all main farming livestock.
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How it works

With three Grading Levels, Farm F1rst is easy to understand and apply to your business and products.

Organisations choosing certification against Farm F1rst are automatically enrolled as a member. Approved members receive a Grading Level and a Mark to display on packaged products, to transparently showcase your credentials to buyers and other supply chain stakeholders.

Where is Farm F1rst applicable?

Primary Producers
Assure the quality of your poultry and demonstrate your commitment to bird and human welfare by achieving certification to Farm F1rst.

Grading Levels drive continual improvement and being an Approved Member delivers brand reputation and business opportunities.

Be confident you are choosing the highest quality poultry from your approved suppliers by simply verifying their credentials with the Farm F1rst Member Checker. 

Where the end-product is destined for an overseas market, buyers can be sure that conformance with local legislation has been achieved.

From restaurants to supermarkets, Farm First approved poultry delivers consumer trust that the product they are buying, or eating has been ethically produced to the highest standards.

Clear on-pack labelling and QR Codes give easy to understand information to deliver consumer confidence and trust in your brand.

Benefits of Farm F1rst

FarmF1rst is designed to deliver value across the supply chain and providing certain criteria are met, can also be delivered as a remote audit.

  • Protect your brand and reputation
  • Verify your ethical and sustainable credentials
  • Increase the transparency and visibility of your supply chain
  • Meet consumer and retailer expectations and drive business opportunities
  • Drive continual improvement through the opportunity to measure performance, identify and potentially improve on the Grading Level achieved
  • Flexible by design to suit your business and your own operations

Need help with Farm F1rst?

As with all our food safety services, we offer you a tailored package that suits your specific business needs including everything from additional modules to training and gap analysis of your site.

Contact us to learn more about the Farm F1rst Assurance Scheme.

Why work with LRQA?

As part of our Farm F1rst offering, LRQA maintains independence and impartiality by proactively managing conflicts of interest across business units, including those that exist between consultancy and third-party certification services. As such, we do not offer consultancy for any management system in the process of, or after completing, third-party certification with LRQA.

Technical expertise
LRQA auditors are industry specialists who we match to your business; allowing a comprehensive audit of your system against Farm F1rst main farming livestock standards. We’re expert not only in understanding the potential in cutting-edge ideas but in applying them pragmatically in ways which guarantee impact both today and in the long-term.

Want to know how the Farm F1rst assurance scheme can help your business?

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