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Global Offshore Wind 2016.

About the event

LRQA's Mark Spring will be delivering his paper, "Forecasting Wind Turbine Safe Working Windows" at the Global Offshore Wind conference in Manchester.

Wednesday 22 June

11.30 - 12.45  
Stream C - Building on Past Experience for the Future: Lessons Learned

Oversight by the wind farm operator of movements and activities of crew transfer vessels is frequently not achieved, because of complex interactions between multiple organisations and disparate sources of data. Through a fully-collaborative process, involving end-users and owner-representatives, LRQA developed a platform for collecting, displaying and analysing all information required for optimising the maintenance tasks. The first application has been tracking and scrutinising movements of vessels and technicians. Key was developing clear and unambiguous displays, showing high level performance indices, intermediate and fundamental information-streams. Providing new information gives users power to improve efficient management of operations.