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Energy & Renewables

ESG, renewables & your transition to cleaner energy

From renewable energy production to hydrogen and nuclear power - we’ll support your ESG agenda with compliance, assurance and advisory services delivered by experts.

Energy and Renewables

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Overview ESG, Renewables & Energy Transition Services at LRQA

LRQA’s experts work with you to implement changes that support your transition to cleaner energy, operations and asset life cycles. We support waste, energy, wind, tidal, nuclear and hydrogen projects all around the world, helping our clients:

  • Comply with increasingly complex global and local regulations
  • Successfully integrate new technology
  • Improve their carbon footprint
  • Build trust with customers and stakeholders
  • Improve efficiency

Key Areas

Our range of ESG, renewables and energy transition services

Our specialist assurance products combine with advisory, compliance and training services to ensure a tailored and successful transition to cleaner energy. From design, manufacture and installation, to operation of assets and supply chain assurance – we offer a range of solutions to meet your needs.

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